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dressed up

marc17 in innocenteseraph

Photos from Innocente Seraphim

Here are some of the photos I took at Innosera last weekend. My favorites are listed below and there is a link to the greater number on flickr at the bottom of the post. It was a wonderful time. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to dress up and go out. I wish I had gotten more photos of the tea parties but I didn't want to go around and interrupt people's eating and conversations. I guess, now I'm going to have to host my own tea party photoshoot.


IMG_5405f IMG_5218f

IMG_5078f IMG_4983f

IMG_4951f IMG_5047f

IMG_5539f IMG_5509f

FLICKR and More Photos


GAH! I love the pictures. I wish I got to go to the loli bowling competition!

Thanks so much for taking these!
My pleasure.